Bathroom Sink Cabinets Refinishing Stage

Simple Bathroom Sink CabinetsHomeowners want their bathroom cabinets to be attractive. In order to keep them from stains, cabinet surfaces are often topped with form of gloss and polyurethane. Bathroom sink cabinets refinishing techniques perhaps sound complicated especially for people with no experience since the techniques include taking off the stain and gloss, getting down the wood to bare grain, then install the new gloss and stain. Homeowners often ask professional help to carry out the project. However it takes a lot of budget. Why don’t you try to do it yourself? Actually refinishing bathroom sink cabinets can be done effortlessly and doesn’t take a lot of time, too. If you do it carefully, you even get a good result as professionals do.

Modern Bathroom Sink CabinetsBefore you start refinishing bathroom sink cabinets, you must prepare your needs first. Heavy sandpaper, fine sandpaper, extra-fine sandpaper, stain, paint brush, polyurethane, and paper towels are required. It is important to note that you need three types of sandpaper; heavy, fine, and extra-fine polyurethane. Each type is used in different refinishing stage. So, make sure that you prepare all of them. After the preparation is done, it is the time to do the project of bathroom sink cabinets refinishing. Begin the work by disassembling the sink cabinets as much as you can. Take away the wood from non-word parts. For anything you can’t remove, tape off using masking tape. Around the wood part, lay out a tarp. The wood part is area where you should sand later on.

Bathroom Sink Cabinets Sanding Technique

After the dissemblance of the bathroom sink cabinets is done, it is time to sand the wood surface of the bathroom sink cabinets. For the first sanding, use heavy sandpaper. Sanding aims to completely remove the existing finish. Make sure that after sanding the wood part, the dust is wiped away. Now, use fine sandpaper to sand the wood surface of the cabinet for the second time. Again, don’t forget to wipe the dust off.

Next, use a paint brush to brush stain on the wood part with thick layer. Let the stain penetrate to the wood and dry for several minute. After that, use paper towels to wipe up the surface stain. Let the stain works on the wood for a night. In the following day, apply a thin, light polyurethane coat over the bathroom sink cabinets with a paint brush. Let it dry for six up to eight hours. Sand the cabinet with extra-find sandpaper by hand to make the polyurethane shines. Apply a coat of polyurethane for the second time. Let it dry again before apply it for the third time. Finally let the last coat dry for a whole day and your bathroom sink cabinets are refinished successfully.

Small Bathroom Sink Cabinets

Contemporary Bathroom Sink Cabinets

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