Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Remodeling  

Repainting bathroom vanity cabinets is one of the ways of bathroom remodeling. When your bathroom vanity cabinets are worn-out so they look dull, it is time to paint them. This project doesn’t take a lot of budget and time. You can have fun with this project in the weekend. Paint the vanity cabinet with attractive colors which match the whole bathroom color. With a proper work on the preparation and process, this painting will result in not only attractive new look but it will be durable, too. Before you paint the vanity cabinets, you must prepare your needs such as semi-gloss latex paint or excellent-quality satin, flexible sanding pads, high-quality paint brush, Drop cloths, screwdrivers, blue masking tape, and caulk and caulking gun. After everything is ready, you can start painting.

Bathroom Sink Wall CabinetsFirst of all, take off the bathroom vanity cabinets doors and pull the drawers out and take all hardware and hinges out. Put them in a pail of water with mild soap. Scrape rubber bumpers off the vanity doors if any. Rub all the woodwork with the wet-dry sandpaper or flexible sanding pad, using warm water and your degreasing cleaner. After that, rinse the woodwork with warm water and let it dry for a couple hours. Lay cloths or newspaper on the floors or counters to protect them for paint dropping. Apply a paint basic coverage to the bathroom vanity cabinets. For a space around the mirror, you can utilize either painter’s tape to save it from harm or a very balanced hand.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Painting Tips

Bathroom Mirror Vanity CabinetsDon’t forget to caulk any gaps on the drawers, doors, and any angles on the bathroom vanity cabinets where the woodwork meets up the walls. Slick off all overload caulking cautiously with a wet fingertip until it is smooth. Wait for 2 or 3 hours until it is dry. Start painting the bathroom vanity cabinets with a thin coat. Let the first coat dry for about six hours. Then, use your fine-grit sanding pad to sand tenderly, sanding pad, or wet-dry sanding paper. Make sure there is no residue left before you paint the second coat.

Having bathroom vanity cabinets glossier than the walls can make them look best. However, a higher shine will show small fault. So, it is your choice. One think to bear in mind, after the painting is done, go easy on your new painted bathroom vanity cabinets because latex paints need almost one full month to dry to their full sturdiness.

Bathroom Vanity Linen Cabinets

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