Modern Glass Dining Room Table

Glass Dining Room Table Space Saver

Glass dining room table is a brilliant space saver for a small house or apartment. Place this table at your home’s entrance so you are able to put down your things after a long and exhausting day at work or even use it as a desk. Use the drawer to manage your office equipment or to store your tools and place mats. Rotate the top 45 degrees and open the expansion leaf to have a meal with your guests. This well built table mechanism comes pre- assembled, so you have to attach the legs. Nonetheless, this robust glass dining room table is extremely easy to assemble.

This glass dining room table really looks luxurious and is finished in a stylish black powder coat with gold detailing. The frame is lightweight yet strong and solid glass top features the perfect accent to this chic dining table. This glass tops presents the impression of a wider area. This good quality table is versatile and can be combined with two, four, or even six chairs. This combination is just ideal for a small space and will beautify your home decor. The table also has plenty of space for four people to have a meal, even with an arrangement in the center. Furthermore, this fine glass dining room table is elegant yet inexpensive and the perfect size for your small kitchen nook.

Glass Dining Room Table for Best Solution

Large Glass Dining Room Table

This fashionable Glass dining room table features a firm beveled glass top. This glass top has a 45 degree angle cut. This glass is indeed heavy, but it will bring an updated appearance to your dining room. Besides, there is also a paisley metal work on the leaf around the table. Bold straight props in a pearl gray finish and defined edges produce a crisp fresh appeal, while the frosted glass adds sophistication. This simple to assemble dining table is functional and decent looking. Overall appearance of glass dining room table is relatively good rate.

Arranged with well groomed dining chairs, this Glass dining room table composes a trendy and pleasurable dining atmosphere. The legs are super intense duty firm steel. They feature middle cross flat bars as well that present a casual elegance. Styled with a glossy brushed finish, this brawny table offers a contemporary mode in addition to useful room. In addition, this well constructed glass dining room table can also be the best solution for the bar area in your basement.

Rectangular Glass Dining Room TableOval Glass Dining Room Table

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