Kitchen Decor Ideas in Retro Lighting

Are you going to decorate your kitchen? There are many kitchen decor ideas to apply and one of them is Retro kitchen decor ideas. This design can take in a lot of different styles, patterns, and items. In particular, retro decor passes on trendy styles for the period of the 1940s-60s. Adorning your kitchen in retro style can add positive impression by reminding the family members of the hearty, promising and hopeful courage of the post-war generations. If you are interesting to apply retro style as the decor of you lovely kitchen, you need to pay attention on some elements such as hardware, lighting fixtures, and accessories.

Retro Kitchen Decor IdeasRetro kitchen decor ideas are highlighted with lighting. Retro lighting fixture will lighten up your kitchen with its typical dazzling colors and patterns. If you go for track lighting, chose light fixtures with arithmetic dimensions and to some extent showing bulbs. Another option is probably to select firm geometric-dimension light covers and laminate wrap. Frequently, there are tears for submissive to let the light shine through, which adds mood to the kitchen. A pendant light or chandelier with a tiny geometric shape in the middle and multicolored, extended light bulbs are other retro lighting kitchen decor ideas.

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Kitchen Decor Ideas Retro Accessories

Accessories always add special ambiance for any decoration including kitchen decor ideas in retro style. The most popular retro accessory is Coca-Cola ads. For many Americans, the Coca-cola logo represents the liberty and excitement that fill up the post-world war II period. The other emblems of this era such as Norman Rockwell paintings, Harley Davidson products, hero girls, American made hot rods, and other products and ads that personifies American spirit can be great retro kitchen decor ideas. The retro style can also be seen through the placement of hand towels, tablecloths, and serving trays as in farm house kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet IdeasThe last but the most important thing to consider when setting retro kitchen decor ideas is the kitchen hardware. It involves the use of some white and black with vivid colors. In ’50s and ’60s, the combination of white, red, and black were frequently found. The counter tops in the era were mostly made of glass, metal, and brass. Basically, any items used in ’50s and ’60s era can be parts of kitchen decor ideas in retro styles. For more ideas you can buy some magazines on retro design ideas. Browsing the ideas from the internet will be easier and faster too.

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