Noguchi Coffee TableNoguchi Coffee Table Brilliant Structure

Noguchi coffee table is archetypal furniture authorized by the sculptor Isamu Noguchi Foundation that was initially made in 1944. This classic table has brilliant simple structure, comprises only three elements, the glass top plus two interlocking solid wood base pieces. This stylish table is an extraordinary concord of form and function. The materials to construct this classy home furniture are clear glass and ebonized walnut, available in walnut and cherry. This typical table is without doubt the best furniture made by Isamu Noguchi for Herman Miller. Noguchi coffee table will completely append a sense of elegance and traditionalism into your living area.

Massively reminiscent of its bronze and marble figures of the era and changing the latter’s biomorphic formal language unadulterated into a form of sculptural stuff, this Noguchi coffee table is the finest creation by Noguchi. The lucid glass tabletops resting on two identical hard wood elements are placed at right angles. Tracking his apprenticeship with the legendary Brancusi, Noguchi initiated to try out in natural style, theatrical sets and later, invention design. Noguchi produced his first furniture models for Herman Miller in 1942. He went on to work with some companies such as Steuben and Zenith. The Noguchi coffee table (1954) hides nothing; exposing everything on the nature of minimalism and simplicity.

Noguchi Style Coffee Table

Noguchi Coffee Table Classic Beauty

Two simple and smoothly shaped pieces connect to form a tripod which holds a solid slab of see through glass. Beautiful and practical, this Noguchi coffee table will uphold a wide variety of objects in a professional function area or the house. This original is a genuine, fully licensed product of Herman Miller, Inc. With the luminous design and the features of walnut finish and interlocking ABS base pieces makes this Noguchi coffee table elegant and astonishing. Also, it includes tempered thick 0.5 inches glass and beveled edge glass.

Noguchi Coffee Table San Francisco

If you have a desire for refurbishing your interior home design that has classic touch, this Noguchi coffee table is a just right addition. This startling furniture is idyllic to be placed in your living room that will be a great companionship with your cups of coffee or snacks. It can also supply a cozy space while you are reading your books or magazines. This all around table will also work properly with a vase of flowers, photo frames, or other garnishing. First and foremost, its distinctive shapes make this Noguchi coffee table eye catching and a supreme addition to your house interior decoration.

Small Noguchi Coffee Table

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