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It might be a little bit difficult to think about a small office design especially if our work deals with many documents, stuff, and equipment. However, with some tactics and ideas, a functional small office design with aesthetic appeal can be created. If you can maximize the space with a good arrangement, a convenient work space can be created. Although it seems difficult to bring the ideas into play, in fact designing an office in a small space is not complicated as you think. Instead, a small office can be more personal. Below are some ideas to build a convenient small office that you can apply for an office cubicle, a small home office, or your office at work.

Small Office Interior DesignThe small office design should make the work space look larger. One of the ways to make the room appears large is to stay away from any clutter which means you must provide a lot of storage space in the office to hide the clutter. Uncluttered space will be pleasing to eye. Good organization will also ease you to find things you need. A small office with a lot of things is usually difficult to organize. You should use an office desk with some drawers to keep your necessities. Buy a small bin to put any trash. Purchase Mason jars and put on the desk to keep your pens and pencils. Install overhead cabinet and shelving in the desk area. This small office design will create the desk as a center to house all office files and necessities.

Small Office Design of Lighting

Small Office Design Ideas

Bright room can give the impression of open and airy area. It doesn’t mean that you must set a lot of lighting fixtures. For the small office design, choose only a few fixtures of lighting that can be installed overhead or on the ceiling so that they don’t take up your floor space. Let as much as daylight come through your windows. Thus, build wide windows, if possible floor-to-ceiling windows for your small office design.

Paint the office walls with neutral colors. Cream, beige, white, off-white, and other neutrals are ideal for a small office design. Match the color of the wall with the color of the rest of the office including the color of the furniture. Modular furniture is great idea for small office design because the furniture takes in matching pieces so the overall design will be sleek. Mismatched pieces will make the space sees cluttered.

Small Modern Office Design

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