Teak Patio Furniture Cleaning and Maintenance

Teak patio furniture is probably the most exclusive patio furniture. Teak is an obviously golden, stifling solid wood generally used for outdoor furnishings. Teak is an incredibly slippery wood that defend against putrefy and distorting as well as diffusion and tightening as a result of changeable weather conditions. Patio often uses teak for the material of its outdoor furniture. Although teak is known as a high quality of wood, after long time used, teak patio furniture can be paler. Therefore, you have to keep its original colors with simple but regular maintenance. As a product of tropical forest, teak furniture is a gorgeous decision for your outdoor patio. Keeping the teak patio furniture clean and protected will not only prolong its life but also make it looks stunning every time.

Teak Patio FurnitureTo maintain your teak patio furniture so it can lasts for many generations ahead, you can do some ways. Since teak can turn grey after several months used due to some external exposure, you can sand its surface to remove some old cells which cause it to become grey. But this method is only an alternative for people who don’t like the natural look of older teak. For those who prefer the weathered look of teak, the process of graying can be fastened by applying natural teak oil. Whatever approach you choose, treat the teak patio furniture properly. Make sure that you use fine sandpaper to wipe the furniture before applying the oil or any product that is safe or not cause damage to the furniture. Use the wood grain to sand.

Teak Patio Furniture Display and Function

The regular cleaning and maintenance of teak patio furniture will make it looks like new. The simplest way is to clean it up. Since the teak patio furniture is often put outdoor, you will always dust and stain on the furniture. Use a soft and elastic sponge or mop and foamy water to simply wipe the teak surface. For heavy stain like bird dropping, you can use special cleaner designed to clean wooden furniture. Follow the direction to use the substance. You can get the product in the store where you buy the teak furniture

Teak Patio Furniture Home Ideas

Sofa Teak Patio FurnitureAnother product that you can buy to prolong the brown color of teak patio furniture is teak brightener. The teak brightener will not only keep the furniture appearance but also clean it meaning that the brightener offer double functions. Apply the brightener every six months to your teak patio furniture for the best result.

Teak Wood Patio Furniture

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