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Wooden patio furniture is the most favorite patio furniture for most people because wooden material creates an elegant look. Besides, wooden furniture is more durable. But it doesn’t mean that wooden patio furniture doesn’t require a regular maintenance to keep it long lasting. Some factors can cause the wood surfaces to fade like sun light, water, and stain. Even if you can protect the furniture from the sun and water for example by installing a canopy, you still cannot get rid of dust that can be found every day. In addition, due to a humiliated environment, you might find fungus and termite on the furniture. So, how to maintain your wooden patio furniture? Let’s find out below.

Harsh weather factors and sun rays can make the finish on wood surfaces to lose color. When you find that your solid black furniture is getting paler, it is time to refinish your wooden patio furniture with proper coatings in order to revitalize the outlook of the furniture. Before you start to do this project on your own, you need to learn the proper techniques first. It is better to ask for the one that has been experienced refurnishing wooden patio furniture. Pay attention to the materials to coat the wood surface. If you use improper material and technique, it is possible that instead of having new and fresh look of the furniture, you will get a disappointing result. The proper material is for example oil stain.

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You can use a palm sander to get rid of old wood sealer from the wooden patio furniture. To do this properly, you load 220-grit sandpaper is required. Put it into the palm sander and rub down alongside with the wooden patio furniture’s grain until the finish looks dreary or until you feel it smooth on your fingertip. You are not allowed sand in opposition to the grain of the wood unless you want your wooden patio furniture get damaged.

To simply clean the dust seen on the wood surface, you just need to wipe the wooden patio furniture with wet towels and wipe again with the dry ones. If there is stain that is difficult to remove, you can clean it with oil stain. Use special brush designed to be used with oil stain. You can protect some parts of the furniture with painter’s tape to cover them. Therefore, you will have durable and long lasting wooden patio furniture.

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